Adjuster Training & Licensing School

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Adjusters Training & Licensing School Schedule


Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licensing School---Also available is training in Xactimate 25*, MSB Integri*, 101 Adjusting Course*, and Duties of an Insurance Adjuster*

*Please see Class Information for CE hours available

Hurricane Season Is Here!!!

                2014 Cat Adjuster Rosters  are being updated.

                      Next Training Class Date of 2014:

Upcoming Sessions:


*Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class  

In Bradley, AR  

May 9th - 11th

Contact Richard Estes 



Texas All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class and

Xactimate w/Sketch 

Please contact Summer


In Houston: 

June 7th-11th

:8am at 4710 Vista, Pasadena TX 


In Dallas: 

Check back for updated dates and times 


*Adjuster 101/Duties of an Adjuster Class  

Please contact Katie at 281-464-2900 

Includes CE Hours, Duties of Adjuster and File Trac 

Date to be announced 

:8am at 4710 Vista, Pasadena TX 


*Xactimate Training Class 

Please contact Katie at 281-464-2900 

now only: $199*

*If taken with the Licensing class 

In Houston: 


*Requires computer with Xactimate or trial program



     *Class Dates are Subject to Enrollment Involvement 

 Call for Adjuster Training License, Xactimate, Integri, 101 Adjuster Training being available at your location.


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